TB UK082 RXS, RXS Kids and RX Kidz Discontinuation


Technical Bulletin UK082 is confirmation of the official discontinuation of the Quickie RXS, RXS Kids and RX Kidz commencing from 31 st June 2018.

The RXS was replaced in functionality and features by the Quickie Life in 2013. Since the introduction of the Quickie Life F, the demand for the RXS has significantly reduced and has now reached a point where the manufacturing for the RXS is no longer viable.

The RXS will continue to be available up to 31st June 2018, after this date orders will no longer be processed.

Spares or equivalents will be maintained and supplied for 5 years for the RXS. A replacement product can be found in the Quickie Life.

Please see the link below for more information on the benefits of switching to the Quickie Life F.

For the full Technical Bulletin please visit www.sunrisedice.com/asset-bank/assetfile/42340.pdf

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