TB UK081 Switch-IT Dual Pro – Temporary Halt


During our routine checks on incoming parts used to manufacture the Switch-IT Dual Pro Head Array our Quality Team have identified a series of components which do not meet our manufacturing, design and quality standards.

Therefore this has led to a temporary halt on the manufacturing of the Dual-Pro Head Array.

We are working to resolve this and to ensure the new components we receive meets our very high quality standards; we are anticipating resuming production from mid-December.

However until then we apologise for the inconvenience this may cause but ensuring the products we build are at the highest standards is critical.

If you are carrying out assessments please be aware of the extended lead time this product halt will accrue when ordering. A replacement can be found in either the Switch head array or alternatively the proportional head control.

We will further communicate when we are able to begin manufacturing again of the Dual-Pro Head Array.

For the full technical bulletin please visit www.sunrisedice.com/asset-bank/assetfile/42170.pdf

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