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How to get a job with a disability



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Looking for a job when you have a disability can be daunting, but the fact that over 3.4 million disabled people in the UK are in employment* shows that with the correct preparation and the right attitude it can be possible to bag the job of your dreams.

Disabled people are more than twice as likely to be unemployed as non-disabled people*, a worrying statistic, but something enterprises like evenbreak, alongside government initiatives such as the ‘disability confident’ scheme (previously ‘positive about disabled people’) are keen to address.


Our top tips: how to get a job with a disability

1. Look out for the ‘disability confident’ logo

This shows that the employer is committed to employing people with disabilities and that you will be called for interview, so long as you meet the candidate specification for the role.

2. Visit your local Jobcentre

The Jobcentre will be a useful resource in assisting you with finding a job, or gaining new skills. They will also be able to tell you about disability-friendly employers in your area.

3. Use the GOV.UK website

This government website provides a step-by-step guide to finding jobs and gives advice on how to apply for them, as well as how to ace at interviews.

4. Search and apply for jobs online

Your ideal job could be just a few clicks away, with most job opportunities promoted on the web, search out companies you would like to work for and check the ‘employment opportunities’ section of their website. Also, use online resources such as The Guardian’s job section which allows you to search for jobs by sector and location.


5. Use specialist disability recruitment services

Disability Jobsite provides ‘barrier-free’ e-recruitment as well as actively supporting people with a disability into work.

Evenbreak is a platform for employers to meet potential employees and provides people with disabilities the opportunity to develop their careers with companies that appreciate their skills.

Remploy was formed 71 years ago and specialises in finding employment opportunities without discrimination. Their aims are to maximise the abilities of disabled people and change society’s perception of them, by providing employment opportunities and access to sustainable careers.

6. Consider working for yourself

Recently entrepreneurship, or self-employment, has been one of the biggest sources of wealth, with ventures allowing people from all backgrounds the opportunity to utilise their abilities and skills to generate income. For people with a disability there is even support available to assist you with setting up your own business. The Money Advice Service can offer grants and advice for wannabe business moguls and provides support throughout the application process.

7. Be persistent

Finding the perfect job can take time and be challenging, but with the right amount of determination and the right resources you could just land the job of your dreams.

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