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Unleash Your Potential with UK Grants for Disabled Athletes



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There are many people with disabilities who excel at certain sports. However, it can often be difficult for them to reach their full potential because of a lack of funding. For those with a passion and talent for sports, it can become extremely frustrating to be held back simply because of finances. Fortunately, there is a solution available in the form of UK grants for disabled athletes.

You will find a wide variety of grants that you may be eligible for as an athlete with disabilities. These grants are available for all sorts of purposes ranging from the purchase of specialist equipment and gear through to training, travel expenses and more. With the financial aid provided through these grants, disabled athletes can unleash their potential and enjoy participating in the sporting activities that they have a passion for.

Grants Available for Athletes with Disabilities

The range of grants available to help athletes with disabilities means you should have no problem finding one that is perfectly suited to your needs. Of course, you need to do your research in order to determine which of these grants is best suited to your individual needs and circumstances. Below you can find out more about some of the popular grants available in the UK for athletes with disabilities.

The Dan Maskell Tennis Trust

If your sport is tennis, this organisation could help you with the cost of specialist equipment. Available to groups, clubs, and individuals, the grants from this trust can be used for the purchase of specially designed wheelchairs as well as tennis equipment. The organisation is able to provide part-funding toward specialist wheelchairs designed for disabled tennis players. Funding may also be available for other purposes including tennis training, courses, and coaching.

The application process is simple and straightforward. If you are applying for a group, you can request up to £1,500 in funding for tennis equipment, specialist wheelchairs and tennis gear. As an individual, you can apply for up to £500 in funding through this grant. You can find out more by visiting the website for the Dan Maskell Tennis Trust.

The Dickie Bird Foundation

Many of those aged under 18 who have disabilities find that they are unable to fully participate in their chosen sport due to lack of finances. The Dickie Bird Foundation is one organisation that may be able to help. Young disabled athletes aged under 18 can receive funding to help them with the cost of sports gear and equipment for their chosen sport.  Financial aid can also be secured to assist with the cost of travelling to training within the UK.

If you apply for a grant through the foundation, you will need to provide some financial documentation as well as references. However, the application process is fairly simple and easy to navigate.   You can find out more about the application process by visiting the Dickie Bird Foundation website. 


Get Kids Going!

If you are aged 26 and under, this national charity could help you participate in your chosen sport. The funding that the charity provides can be used for the purchase of specialist wheelchairs designed to aid sports participation by those with disabilities.  Funding is available for all sporting levels. 

In addition to helping with the cost of specialist wheelchairs, the charity funding can also help with other expenses for young sports participants. This includes the cost of travelling to sporting events and competitions, the cost of physio and the cost of training. If you would like to learn more about the funding available from Get Kids Going, you can visit the website and email them for further information.

The Sports Foundation for the Disabled

Young people living in Wales or the South West of England may be able to get funding from this foundation, which has been in operation since 1990. Up to £1000 in funding can be secured without partnership funding. In addition, there are no recommendations necessary although confirmation of application authenticity will be determined by carrying out background checks

The funding obtained through this grant can be used for a variety of purposes including the purchase of sports equipment, activity participation, training and assistance in achieving physical goals. The application process is simple and you can learn more by visiting the official website. The funding is available to organisations, groups and individuals with disabilities.

Achieve Your Goals with the Right Grant for Disabled Athletes

By finding the right grant for your needs, you can achieve your sporting goals and enjoy the chance to participate in your favourite sports events. These grants provide the ideal solution when it comes to encouraging sports participation amongst those with disabilities as well as helping people to stay more active.

Thanks to modern technology, making your application for one of these grants couldn’t be easier, as it can all be done online. This saves you a lot of time and trouble and also means that your application is likely to be processed much more quickly. Once you have found the right grant for your needs, all you need to do is make your application via the website. If your application is successful, it could open up new doors and opportunities when it comes to participating in your favourite sport.

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