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Lightweight Wheelchairs by QUICKIE

Lightweight Wheelchairs

QUICKIE active lightweight wheelchairs are an extension of yourself. A perfect fit for your lifestyle and an expression of your personality. Our folding and rigid active lightweight wheelchairs are  highly adjustable to suit you,  your needs and your active life. Every QUICKIE wheelchair has its own distinctive personality, which wheelchair matches yours?

Lightweight Wheelchairs
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QUICKIE Life FT Folding Wheelchair

Life FT

The folding wheelchair for a teenager on the move.

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QUICKIE Life RT Active Wheelchair

Life RT

The rigid wheelchair for a teenager on the move.

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QUICKIE Helium-Pro (Black Edition)

Helium Pro Black Edition

Never Compromise: Performance, Weight, Style

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QUICKIE Argon 2 Active Wheelchair


The fully adjustable lightweight active wheelchair.

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QUICKIE Helium-Pro Active Wheelchair

Helium Pro

The fully-welded version of the QUICKIE Helium.

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QUICKIE Helium Active Wheelchair


The ULTIMATE ultra-lightweight wheelchair of choice.

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QUICKIE Xenon Folding Wheelchair


Folding Wheelchair

The lightest folding wheelchair in the world.

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QUICKIE Xenon-SA Folding Wheelchair

Xenon SA

Folding Wheelchair

The lightest folding wheelchair in the world... with swing-away legrests.

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QUICKIE Neon Folding Wheelchair


Folding Wheelchair

The small, smaller, smallest lightweight folding wheelchair!

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QUICKIE Neon-SA Folding Wheelchair

Neon Swing Away

Folding Wheelchair

The smallest... now with swing-away legrests.

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QUICKIE LIFE Folding Wheelchair

Life F

Folding Wheelchair

The durable and robust foldable wheelchair.

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QUICKIE LIFE R Active Wheelchair


The active wheelchair for those who need to fine-tune their adjustments over time.

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QUICKIE GP-Series Active Wheelchair


Cruise in a classic rigid Quickie wheelchair.

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QUICKIE RXS Folding Wheelchair


Folding Wheelchair

Cruise in a classic QUICKIE folding wheelchair.

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QUICKIE HeliX 2 Adaptive Wheelchair


Folding Wheelchair

The adaptive wheelchair designed for efficient fleet use.

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QUICKIE IRIS Tilt-In-Space Wheelchair


Tilt In Space Wheelchair

The superior standard for tilt in space wheelchairs.

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QUICKIE 2 Folding Wheelchair

Quickie 2

Folding Wheelchair

A tried and tested classic folding wheelchair

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Wheelchair types explained

Rigid wheelchairs are ideal for active users who know what they want in a wheelchair. With fewer movable parts, most of the energy from the push on the wheels is translated into forward motion. Highly responsive, rigid wheelchairs are ultra lightweight and offer precise control, superb balance, and exceptional performance.

Folding wheelchairs are a great option if you have changing needs. They are highly adjustable, ultra lightweight, easily portable and offer one of the broadest ranges of positioning options.

Tilt-in-Space wheelchairs are designed for a variety of positioning needs. The tilted position helps to facilitate feeding and respiratory function, reduce pressure beneath the pelvis and improve visual alignment by holding the head upright.